2009 – 2011 fight against relocation

atelier_picdenore_manufcature_regain_pull_madeinfranceThe economical crisis has set in. The mains players on the market have long since decided to relocate their workshops to stay competitive, but the manufacture resists.

In 2009, Laurent Brunas took over. It’s a deliberate yet risky choice to keep them in France, but Laurent is convinced of the added value of “Made in France”. He cannot take the decision to abandon such a qualified and skilled workforce and loose all the knowledge stacked in his workshops for 40 years.

On the professional market, the military’s numbers are declining and the jumpers are replaced by technical material and the prices for “Made in France” cannot compete with low labour-cost countries. The manufacture’s workshops are in jeopardy.

In 2011, looking back on their previous experiences in fashion at the very beginning, the expertise they gained in knitting and the introduction of confection, Laurent Brunas makes the choice to diversify into fashion.

The local authority of the region Midi Pyrénées supported his project.

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