(Français) Le Made in France une voie pour l’emploi…

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(Français) Cette semaine, à travers l’Europe, on se mobilise pour réduire les déchets !

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(Français) JACQUEMUS fait confiance au savoir-faire de la manufacture !

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OXBOW call on the know-how of our manufacture


Knits are our profession. Nestled in the Southern French town of Castres, our workshops have been skillfully operating since 1973. With passion and precision, we weave the finest yards into hight-quality knits.

Born from this unparalleled expertise, our research department develop, finalize and produce stitch models for designer and French and international brands.

The Fashion network webzine dedicated an article in July to the know-how of our manufacture :

“Oxbow veut de nouveau séduire les multimarques mode”

Oxbow relance son Skolpen. La marque Française, s’inspirant historiquement du surf, revient à ses fondamentaux en proposant son pull historique. Elle remet en avant cette pièce avec une production française, s’appuyant sur le savoir-faire de la Manufacture Regain, basée dans le Tarn, pour développer une offre maille en double jacquard. Les équipes d’Oxbow ont développé une offre de pulls, pulls zippés et accessoires aux références marine pour une offre premium, le Skolpen étant proposé à partir de 180 euros.

Découvrez la suite de l’article dans le fashionnetwork.com.

We would like to thank Oxbow for their confidence.

One stitch after another one… Did you know?

Many remember the noise : “clic clic” of knitting needles of our grandmothers, but in the end what do we know about knitting?

The definition in the dictionary is the following: The knitted is a technic used to make a fabric from a yarn. Knitting is constituted of loops called stitches, which interlace each other. Active stitches are held on needles as they can be blocked by the passage of a new stitch there through them.

Stitches can be deformed; this flexibility does the superiority of the stitch in relation to the fabric. But technically this flexibility involves a refined know-how…

The flexibility of the stitch is probably why first knitted items were clothing pieces that require a close adaptation of the fabric with contours of the body that wrap (bottom, hat, underwear …) This aptitude to the deformation explains the considerable development of the application of the stitch field in areas other than clothing such as medical or that of the automotive and aviation industry.

A stitch is constituted of a length of yarn where the disposition can be split in 3 parts: the head (central part), leg (lateral part) and feet (end part).

Anatomie d'une maille Manufacture Regain

From a yarn, the designer can create a material, choose his composition, colors, drawing, transparence, relief, combinations are indefinite and extremely creative.

To knit a jumper, the knitter has to know the size of the yarn. He has to know which gauge he has to use. That means the thick or fineness of the jumper.

There are 3 manufacture process: Either panels (knitting pieces: back, front, sleeves) go out from machine, are cutting, and assembling in the manufacture.Our manufacture is specialized in this technic. Or panels go out in the shape and we just have to assemble it or knit goes out completely knitting without seams.

As you can well imagine… a jumper is not improvised!!

panneaux manufacture Regain



New concept store opened at the heart of Marais, L’Exception Flagship Store allows us to live a new purchase experience with 2 spaces: shop and restaurant.

In the L’Exception Flagship store, you will find French creations with ready-to wear, design and art of living already on the website:  http://www.lexception.com

Conceived as an extension of your digital experience, you will able to access directly using digital tablets  to the catalog online l’Exception, also you will able to make a selection of products to try with appointment or interact directly from the fitting room with a sales assistant. You will find available products in store which will be renewed regularly.

Our jumpers and accessories are available at l’Exception : http://pic-de-nore.lexception.com/fr/homme

(Français) Notre manufacture dans le numéro Suivi Expert Pro!

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Manufacture Regain, a responsible company!

développemnt durable blog

Our factory is committed to do an approach of sustainable development for 5 years.

It was in 2011 when we were the first French textile company to obtain the label LUCIE according to the standard ISO 26000.

THE ISO 26000 is the unique international standard in corporate social responsibility of organizations or companies.

This standard specifies the corporate social responsibility of a company:

To take responsibility for the impacts of his decisions and activities on the company and on the environment, which is translated by an ethical and transparent behavior, which:

- Contributes to the sustainable development, to the health and to the well-being of the company,

- Takes into account the expectations of the stakeholders, the customers, the suppliers, the employees, the shareholders, the civil society

- Respects the current laws and which is in agreement with the international standards of behavior,

- Is integrated in the whole of the organization and implemented in the whole of its internal and external relations

Since 2010, our factory engaged an activated initiative of sustainable development: all stages of the process were revised to answer for example to a concern of circular economy: optimization from the conception of products, recycling of falls and the resumption of end of life jumpers. So then the latter got back, they are sent to local mill owners who can develop recycled threads.

In our factory this labelling was only materialized the spirit and the values in which we are always working. This approach allowed to value what already existed and to progress by taking commitments. An evaluation by external auditors takes place every 18 months to measure the advance of these commitments.

7 commitments connected to this standard:

dev durable


Make a commitment in an initiative of sustainable development is for us much more than a standard to respect, it’s a social skill!

(Français) La Gazette du Midi parle de notre manufacture…

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Our factory joins the platform of manufacturers!!!

plateforme des façonniers

The house of the know-how and the creation has for mission to value the French companies of fashion which hold a unique hand-crafted and industrial know-how.

This house, supported by the CHALLENGE and the French Union of the Industries Mode and Clothing ( UFIMH) is a space of 200 m2 unique in Europe. It is a place of exchanges and user conviviality where employers, production managers and designer meet manufacturers, service providers or suppliers of materials and discover the wealth of the French industrial heritage whether traditional or innovative.

The French textile industry exists with its know-how, its skills and our factory joins in this French touch.

Find by following us this link  http://maisondusavoirfaire.com/fiche.aspx?company_id=1475