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Three years after the disaster of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where 1133 people were killed during the collapse of the building where were their clothing workshops, the mobilization remains intact.

To the initiative of the fashion designer Carry SOMERS, the collective FASHION REVOLUTION incites each to consume the fashion differently. This collective believes that fashion can be made in safe, clean and beautiful way. Where creativity, quality, environment and people are valued quality.

As French manufacturer we make a commitment.

Since the 7th of October 2011, Regain is proud to be the first French textile company to obtain the LUCIE label, which makes real its commitment to sustainable development in social, economic and environmental terms in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

In our factory, we wanted to obtain the labelling very quickly as it simply reinforced the spirit and the values with which we have always worked.

For us, lovers of the rich green natural heritage of the Midi-Pyrenees, the social and environmental aspects have never been questioned. Since the launch in 1987 of the first French firemen’s pullover, every resource has been preciously employed.

In our company, not a single thread lies around. Pullovers at the end of their lives are recycled and the scraps of raw materials are recovered for a weaver who recycles them into carded thread” Far more than a standard to be respected, LUCIE is our philosophy! Each collaborator is involved and has understood the usefulness of such an initiative given what is at stake in sustainable development.

In a difficult sector, that of the clothing, we are committed as French manufacturer to maintain jobs and to preserve the know-how and the industrial facilities in France.IMG_3302

Sylvie, for 19 years in the factory , #imadeyourclothes



La Depeche speaks about Pic de Nore…


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Easter with le Chocolat des Français

le chocolat des francais

Discover a chocolate that does not melt into the mass

le chocolat des français 2Who says Easter says chocolate and at Pic de Nore as good gourmand we sought THE brand that would be tasty and also beautiful, we discover … le chocolat des Français and you will not be disappointed!

Created by two chocolate lovers, Mathieu and Paul, le chocolat des Français wants to reconcile the good and the beautiful: flatter the retina by its flashy colors and tickle the taste buds with its delicious flavors.

Le chocolat des Français offers homemade chocolates, 100% pure cocoa butter with no palm oil or preservatives and made in France.

A chocolate wishing to delight the pupils as much as the taste buds

Pic de Nore asked them a few questions to learn more about this inspired and inspiring brand

Tell us briefly your company and your products?

Le chocolat des Français is a young brand created a year ago to develop artisanal chocolate bars, illustrated by artists under the banner Made in France.

What is for you the “made in France”?

Le chocolat des Français, the “made in France” is obvious, is to enjoy the local talent in all industries.

According to you what are the advantages, disadvantages and can be difficult to produce in France?

The advantages are many: quality, convenience, logistics facilities, common language … The difficulty is of course the high cost of production but that is far outweighed by the benefits mentioned above.

How would you define your value added produced in the French market?

We are the only chocolate brand that combines the good, the beautiful and Made in France.

Can you share with us your future projects?

For Easter, we organize an exhibition of 400 original and unique chocolate bars, illustrated by 100 artists including: Charlotte Le Bon, Soledad, Penelope Bagieu … Go to Sergeant Paper gallery, at 38 rue Quincampoix in Paris.

le chocolat des français 1

(Français) Pic de Nore dans Midi en France

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Discover Mag’ In France

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Pic de Nore is on Laso !


Pic de Nore is now selling in Japan

Now you can find ours made in France sweaters in Japan thanks to Laso, a Tokyo-based fashion e-commerce retailer specializing in high-end clothes and outfits from around the world.

Laso was founded in 2006 by Masatoshi Murota, to differentiate the service from others in this intensely competitive field, the company has imported more than 200,000 items from 2,000 brands in 50 countries worldwide.

Their buyers handpicked items to showcase in accordance with global fashion trends. They have no physical inventory of these items in Japan, so a user’s purchase will be delivered one or two weeks after placing the order.

Come and discover Laso !

Discover 1083, made in france jeans !

Discover the beautiful story of eco-designed and made in france jeans within 1083 km from home …

Pic de Nore continues its tour of France 100% French manufacturing brands with the brand of jeans and shoes 1083. We love the family adventure time, their motivation, their desires and their beautiful adventure made in France!

Tell us briefly about your company and your products?

1083 brand was born two years ago, designed by two brothers, Thomas and Gregory Huriez around a promise to the customer: make jeans at less than 1083 kilometers from home (maximum distance between the two cities the most remote of the hexagon: Menton in the South and Prospoder in Britain). It is through a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule website that history began with 1108% of target achieved for the implementation of the production chain.

In 2015, we sold 15 000 jeans in France, fully spun, dyed, woven and made in the hexagon!


What means “made in France” for you ?

The manufacture our products in France is a traceability guarantee for the consumer who can follow the various stages of the manufacturing process via a QR code located in the pocket of his jeans. The proximity and transparency are part of our core values: being closer to the people, it responds more readily to their expectations and better understand their motivations. Our customers become our best ambassadors.

According to you what are the advantages, disadvantages and can be difficult to produce in France?

Relocate the entire manufacturing sector has not been easy. 97% of the price of our jeans irrigate the local economy but the metal button and rivets are still produced by our Italian neighbors, lack of maintaining a tricolor expertise in this field. However, produce in France allowed us to reduce the number of contacts between the production process and the end customer. Thanks to this economic model inspired by that of shoe manufacturers in Romans it there’s several decades, our jeans are available at relatively affordable prices (from 89 to 109 euros depending on model).


How would you define your added value in the French market ?

The fact of saling in France made in France products allow us a closer relation with customers. This proximity in kilometers and intermediate makes us better : as consumers we buy better, and we manufacture better  in workshops. Thanks to the involvement of everyone we immediately see the virtuous effects on the environment and job creation .

Can you share with us your future projects ?

To go further in this transparent approach, we have a workshop visitable project that would allow customers to physically penetrate our clothing workshop to discover this expertise. Another way to restore the textile industry in France .


Pic de Nore will be at Capsule !


Capsule is more than a tradeshow

Capsule is the premiere gathering of the finest apparel and accessories brands from around the world. More than a tradeshow, the brands who participate in Capsule make up a community that is shaping the future fashion landscape. In our case, different really is better.

Capsule launched in 2007 as the brainchild of fashion consultancy BPMW to develop a global network of like-minded people who conceptualize, create, desire, and buy the clothes that epitomize a new vision of forward progress. Artisans, strategists, devotees, and style leaders converge on Capsule in three cities, ten times per year.

Capsule is known for its global curation of the world’s most directional designers and the brands that participate in Capsule are among some of the most prestigious, respected and coveted fashion labels. Their team scours the world hand selecting only the best of the best – from the independent emerging designers, to more established labels who push the envelope of design, craft manship and quality.

Pic de Nore goes in NYC

This year ours sweaters and accesorizes Pic de Nore will be on Capsule in Paris from 22 to 24th of January and just after we are going to pack and cross this Atlantic to be in NYC for Capulse Men from 26 to 28 of January…


Pic de Nore will be at the ASAP on January !


Do you know ASAP ?

ASAP is the unavoidable event about ski / outdoor textile in Europe ! The 7th edition will starts in Annecy on January 11 and 12.

This year you will found lot of innovations but also a new staging of the show with our partner Wood Stock Creating and 11 new brands including Pic de Nore !

This unique concept give to professional the opportunity to discover in 2 days the 2017 winter collections among more than 53 brands in 30 showrooms and enjoy sport & fashion parade.

Pic de Nore parade !

This year the parade is orchestrated by Virginie Toc at the Imperial Palace, Annecy emblematic place , it will set the tone for the 2017 high season color . An original show around fashion, technical know-how, sports and dance. Some of our jumpers and jackets have been selected for this unique event on Monday, January 11 from 19:15 !

Discover the last year parade !