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Our DNA…


Making pullovers for the world of professionals is part of Regain’s DNA. As Laurent the director reminds us “my team and I have been making them for more than 25 years. It’s our passion… Over the years the demands of these markets have pushed us to always do better. To offer each of you this know-howthis respect for quality and for the product is, for us, like the baton that athletes pass in team sports… a unifying thread…”
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The language of colours…


Colours are everywhere around us, they breathe life into our state of mind, our emotions. They follow us all our lives, they clothe us. Regain has taken sides with colour. In the same way as Claude Monet or Henri Matisse before us, we want to offer you bright colours to express your feelings…. 
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No getting wound up at Regain !


The choice of material is an important element for our collection. Several materials are possible but as Laurent says: “the primary function of a pullover is to keep you warm so what better than wool!” The word wool is used to designate different natural textile fibres derived from animal fleece such as sheep, angora goats or alpaca.
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Can we make what we want ?


When the stylist imagines a design, she also takes into account the technical team’s know-how and the types of knitting machines that are in place. Apart from the cut of the item of clothing, the stylist also suggests stitch patterns, designs or special finishes for collars and cuffs. She chooses the yarns for each item (wool, cashmere…). She then explains all of this to the technical team who then launches test runs. The knitter makes up what is referred to as a panel in order to see the details of the stylist’s creation.

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Our lookbook on Fashionbeans


1,2,3 … draw !



The creative process is underway ! Mathilde, Regain’s newest arrival as product manager, is going to be in charge of co-ordinating all the different teams for developing this first fashion collection.

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A fancy for fashion….


Regain didn’t get this idea for a collection of fashion pullovers by chance – it is the fruit of a desire, a savoir faire and an observation made by Laurent.

The company has already worked with the world of fashion in the past. For about ten years it made pullovers for several high-end brands such as Oxbow, Mountain Wave and Pierre Cardin…

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At Regain, quality is our trademark

Qualité Regain

For nearly 40 years pullovers have been our craft! In that time the Regain team has cultivated its passion for reliability, durability, good looks but most importantly the quality of its pullovers. Let’s talk in more concrete terms about quality …

The pullovers that we make for professionals are conceived from technical specifications. These technical references are very specific and we must create pullovers that conform precisely to these requirements.

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An idea takes form


It’s already been one week that the staff has been involved in the making of our new pullover. It’s a brand new challenge for employees used to handling textiles for the public services. But the team rises to the challenge with loads of enthusiasm.

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Quality and authenticity are at the heart of our brand

Regain est une entreprise ancrée dans la tradition et le savoir-faire textile. Nos  40 ans de pratique du métier de fabricant n’y sont pas étrangers. Notre région et notre ville Castres ont été pendant de nombreuses décennies le symbole de l’industrie textile française. Nous aimons penser que nous perpétrons cette tradition et c’est cette envie qui fait qu’aujourd’hui les pulls fabriqués dans nos ateliers se revendiquent « made in France ».

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