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Le Coeur and l’Exception are thinking to you !


le Coeur and l’Exception love men

L’Exception, the first select store of French designers, is the leading shop of creative and luxury fashion, for men and women, with more than 400 brands.

Le Coeur is a project space, it  flirts with art, fashion, design and offers a transversal and dynamic programming. Its mission is to produce innovative exhibitions, select objects, and create unexpected appointment.

In this spirit, women of Le Coeur think about men and image, in collaboration with l’Exception, a Christmas Shop at 83, rue de Turenne in Paris.

Stuck for gift ideas … Here’s your solution

So if you have no idea for THE GIFT and you want to please the men of your life, this Christmas Shop is your solution ! And like they know December is a run after time they are opened until the 24th of december from 11.30 am to 8 p.m. You will found an eclectic and original range of products in which you will recognize our sweaters and accessories Pic de Nore but also others brands dedicated to fashion, design or art and beauty but also some fun ideas and off-the-wall gifts!

Pic de Nore is in Lille !

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Buy Pic de Nore in Albi !

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Discover l’atelier de Simon !


L’atelier de Simon speaks about Pic de Nore

L’atelier de Simon is a blog dedicated to Made in France. You can read about brands which have decided to keep their production in France in order to save know-how and also their employees. It is a difficult choice nowaday to manufcature in France but it is an act of resistant and those brands like Pic de Nore are proud of this !

L’atelier de Simon speaks about Pic de Nore and focus on ours goals and wishs, read the entire article on the blog >>> article Pic de Nore: une marque emblématique du “Made in France”



Best Dressed Man speaks about our winter sweater collection !




Best Dressed Man, a blog for men who have taste !

“Being a gentlemen ins’t what you do, it’s who you are” – Alton Barder founder of the blog Best Dressed Man

This site is a tribute to all of the men, all over the planet, who are striving every day to present their best self and be the best Men they can be.

Finally gentlemen and ladies, let me be clear. We have some, but we don’t have all of the answers. Please, be at home on the site and feel free to share your insights and expertise. We look forward to learning from and engaging with you. Maybe even meeting you when we are next in your city!

Discover their article about Pic de Norethey try our sweater during the last fashion week in Paris and they like them. They says about are items that they are real gems and found our know-how and manufacture in France very interesting :

“One really wonders why it took so long that for the general public also being allowed to wear these gems because they were made famous as a style item long ago in countless movies about Paris or France.”

Here is their shooting and if you want to learn more about those sweaters meet them on our e-shop Pic de Nore.

best-dressed-man-pic-de-nore-1 best-dressed-man-pic-de-nore



























Pic de Nore gets to sport …


Combine the style to the technique that is the challenge of our new sport line by Pic de Nore coming for next winter.

Our manufacture Regain makes clothes for firefighters, military for over 30 years, the firemen, special forces, when they are in action, need sweaters with thermal performance to protect them from the cold, bad weather, fire … then propose jackets with technical performance turned out to be a evidence for us. Read more →

Find Pic de Nore at Front de Mode

Crédit photo The New Wardrobe

Crédit photo The New Wardrobe

Fashion has a new place and a manifesto

Paris has, since 25th of June, a new concept store Front de Mode !

This project imagined by the designer Sakina M’sa, supported by the Kering Foundation and sponsored by François Henri Pinault, offers to its clients a new approach of fashion. He wants to be the flagship of a new ecosystem of Fashion where we would produce sustainable and buy responsible. Read more →

Made in Town


Discover Made in Town/Montagne Noire

We are pleased to participate in the exhibition Made in Town / Black Mountain
Especially pleased that for us the black mountain is a mountain range, is the mountain at whose foot the entire history of our manufacture took place and where is erected the PEAK NORE! Read more →

A year in Made in France


Benjamin Carle is a journalist and filmmaker. He taught geography thanks to football clubs, is passionate about social issues, pop aspects of the economy and politics, and just about everything about David Bowie, counters bars and alcohols old. For two years, he knows a product made in France of a product manufactured abroad. Read more →

Pic de Nore is on Azzarenko Magazine !


Azzarenko Magazine, a vision of men’s fashion

Our cotton sweater Pic de Nore inspired our archives, this classic of our collection isnow  in the biannual magazine dedicated to men Azzarenko Magazine. Read more →