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Pic de Nore discovers Ax 3 Domaines

tournage Pic de Nore Ax 3 Domaines

A Pic de Nore shooting  in nature …

Last year the team Pic de Nore thought long and hard to find a place to shoot the winter 2014/2015 collection. Our man retro sweaters but also with mountain spirit  could not be better emphasized than the mountain.

Once defined the environment we were easy to find THE place … Yes, what better than a ski resort to stage our sweaters. The team Pic de Nore his sights on Ax 3 Domaines dynamic station, large and friendly situated in a beautiful natural setting. Read more →

Wishlist jacquard effect by Pic de Nore



Find unique gift ideas with our selection Pic de Nore

After our goft idea selection around  retro and vintage find an other one list conceived around our jacquard sweater Pic de Nore. Some of our favorites items, for you gentlemen, are 100% Made in France and all of them share our values like quality and originality to make a unique man himself even under the xmas tree! Read more →

Go skiing with our sweaters Pic de Nore

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A Pic de Nore jacquard sweater

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A giant pull Pic de Nore !


Discover our XXXXL sweater made by Pic de Nore

On the blog Les hauts de la mode learn more about our fall/winter 2014 Collection and also about our giant sweater.

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Contribute to our contest …



To win a sweater from our new collection you must:

Visit us on our stand at the Made in Franceexhibition, Porte de Versailles and take a Selfie wearing our wollen hat “where is Pic de Nore?”

After that it is simple you just have to post your photo on our Facebook page Pic de Nore and then share with your friends to get the most liked picture before November 18, end date of the game.

Now it’s your turn !!



*This contest is completely restricted to persons present at the exhibition Made in France

Shade of greys

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The art of jacquard


Jacquard is a rich stitch which is made with a complex effect of materials

Today the term jacquard is often used in the fashion world but we do not really know what is behind this word which has become a common expression. Pic de Nore explains you everything and shows the result over a sweater … Read more →

Few words about our Pic de Nore Winter collection …

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Pic de Nore is on l’Exception


Discover our new collection Fall/Winter 2015 on l’Exception, conceptstore online dedicated to fashion for women and men …