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French flag only dedicated to Made in France brand …


Blue, white, red … color reserved for French manufactured products only !

The National Assembly decided Friday, February 6, 2015 unanimously to ban the use of the French flag on products sold in France who would not benefit from a guarantee of French origin, in the context of the review of Macron draft law.

Indeed, the amendment adopted plans to add to the list of deemed deceptive trade practices the habit to apply or to show a “red white blue flag on a product sold in France who do not receive a designation of origin , of a geographical indication or has not been the subject of a certification process attesting to his French origin. “

Recently, we have found, like everyone else, that Made in France seems to be used by everyone and everywhere. The Made in France is no longer synonymous of quality and bknow-how but as a marketing argument. Does it work? You decide! Read more →

Julien Fournié called on our Manufacture know-how


Our Manufacture was honored at the Julien Fournié fashion show last week at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Paris

Julien Fournié called upon our manufacture expertise on stitch to realize 2 silhouettes of his new collection named “First Initiation.”

The development of these parts, a twin-set and a dress, have required the expertise and experience of the workshops of the manufacture. This was the result of close collaboration between Julien Fournié and teams of the Manufacture Regain.

In 2009 after 10 years of service in famous fashion houses and artistic director of Torrente, Julien Fournié founded his own house which bears his name.

It has unveiled its 12th couture collection and 10 silhouettes of his ready to wear capsule collection entitled “First Initiation.”

Launched in 2014, this capsule is a 100% Made in France collection.

The Parisian couture house has chosen to work with our factory to develop and manufacture the stitch parts of these collections of ready to wear.

Check out the entire show on the website of Julien Fournié



Backstages of our manufacture


Our french know-how

Few weeks ago we told you about our partnership with Sports d’Epoque and fruit of this meeting, a sweater bearing the embroidered rooster with wings of the French Team 1920.

We take advantage of the launch of this sweater to make you go behind the scenes of our factory and show you how our sweaters Pic de Nore are made. Read more →

Sports d’Epoque x Pic de Nore


Let us introduce … Sports d’Epoque

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Jumper 100% Made in France


Every jumper of the brand Pic de Nore, is Made in france, because is knitted and confectioned in Castres !

The label “Origin France guaranteed” has been obtain from the first collection launched for winter 2013.
This label warranties the origin of the collections and their “Made in France” values. Read more →

2013 … fashion diversification

picdenore_pull_madeinfranceLaurent Brunas collaborates with fashion experts who share his values. All are ready to fight beside him to make good this new venture, the only way to save the workshops of Castres. Read more →

2009 – 2011 fight against relocation

atelier_picdenore_manufcature_regain_pull_madeinfranceThe economical crisis has set in. The mains players on the market have long since decided to relocate their workshops to stay competitive, but the manufacture resists.

In 2009, Laurent Brunas took over. It’s a deliberate yet risky choice to keep them in France, but Laurent is convinced of the added value of “Made in France”. He cannot take the decision to abandon such a qualified and skilled workforce and loose all the knowledge stacked in his workshops for 40 years. Read more →

In 1993 our offer expand to technicals products


“The Made in France is valuable, we need to keep the jobs and preserve the skills acquired in our workshop over 40 years.” Laurent Brunas C.E.O

Laurent Brunas,  the founder’s son, starts to work in the manufacture.
To respond to the customers’ needs, the company extended her range to even more technical products, using their existing skills, they developed models that respond to stringent Europeans norms around fire resistance, thermal protection, high visibility, electrical arc protection…

Our Manufacture makes pulls for Jacquemus



Here is a sweater you can discover on Vogue Japan, it was imagined and created by Jacquemus and made in our Manufacture.

Thanks to Simon Porte for his trust in our know-how.