French flag only dedicated to Made in France brand …


Blue, white, red … color reserved for French manufactured products only !

The National Assembly decided Friday, February 6, 2015 unanimously to ban the use of the French flag on products sold in France who would not benefit from a guarantee of French origin, in the context of the review of Macron draft law.

Indeed, the amendment adopted plans to add to the list of deemed deceptive trade practices the habit to apply or to show a “red white blue flag on a product sold in France who do not receive a designation of origin , of a geographical indication or has not been the subject of a certification process attesting to his French origin. “

Recently, we have found, like everyone else, that Made in France seems to be used by everyone and everywhere. The Made in France is no longer synonymous of quality and bknow-how but as a marketing argument. Does it work? You decide!

We have just launched our brand Pic de Nore, a 100% french made brand, a real one! … We are sure of this Bbecause it is made by our own factory.

Our manufacture has 2 generations of knitters, François and now Laurent, who knit and assemble sweaters in their workshops. The majority of our workers are working in the business for over 20 years, they are the living heritage of our brand and heritage of our region which has a textile tradition. Around us workshops have closed one after the other because it was well more profitable to manufacture abroad. But we decided to resist …

The “made in France” inevitably rhymes with heritage

In workshops, behind the machines, there are men and women who are the milestone of our know-how: over time they build their expertise and despite all the changes in technology cannot be replace the human experience.

The “made French” necessarily mean quality

Because to remain competitive in this market which always produce cheaper (currently it is Bangladesh, which has a roll!), We can only resist by the quality, there is no other way !

For over 30 years we are working in the markets of the uniform, markets known for their requirements in terms of quality and durability, also known by the existing pressure on price. We had to get all the certifications to continue to exist: ISO 9001 since 1996, and Lucie Label (ISO 26000) in 2011 and we were the first textile company in France to receive it. This certification shows our commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsability).

In 2013, we made the choice to candidate to OFG label because it is now the only official label giving clear information to consumers about the origin of products.

So yes, claim to be “Made in France” for a French manufacturer, certainly, is willing to make less profit to maintain jobs and expertise but also be dedicated to the quality, sustain and grow our know-how.

We believe it is our passion for stitch that gives us the energy to take up this challenge with our new Pic de Nore brand.

Made in France is going abroad

Foreigners have understood the value of French quality. Paradox noted, they are well acclaimed by the Asian markets … which nevertheless have local solutions so more economical. For Pic de Nore, Japan appears from the start as our first client!

Hopefully, for the French consumer, the evolution of these regulations will allow it to navigate and not be mistaken in his perception of who is actually a 100% french manufactured brand, with all that implies behind …

Discover our sweaters and accessories all 100% made in France on our e-shop … 

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