Interview of Thierry Moysset, CEO at La Forge de Laguiole

Thierry Moysset

Thierry Moysset

“The Made in France: the importance of giving back to the businesses and locally”

For Pic de Nore the Made in France is at the heart of our concerns.

This new category will regularly highlight the entrepreneurs and their teams who have the same values ​​as our Manufacture. Today Thierry Moysset and knives from Forge de Laguiole.

Tell us briefly about La Forge de Laguiole and its products …

We are a manufacture of knives, a manufacture of a territory knife even a real terroir. This knife is more than a knife is a Laguiole. Our company is the heir of the past, of a specific know-how, to continue to give this knife a generational soul … and our company has a social role, an employment role which give new generations the ability to work on their roots. We love to create, search, innovate. Transmit for us means modernize … to sum up our philosophy products: “What we create will be worth what we lose, but if we do not create anything, we will lose what we have. “.

What was your biggest challenge when you started?

Understand the product, its history, and especially its DNA into a project of men and territory, and not a financial performance.

What was your motivation to go into this adventure of “Made in France”?

The made in France for me does not mean anything; for me what is important is the made in Laguiole. The “made in France” bothers me more because it has become a marketing and business argument rather than a business philosophy and especially a leader vision. My motivation is to see Laguiolais who wish to work in Laguiole do it and transfer these rights to new generations.

According to you what are the advantages, disadvantages or challenges to produce in France?

Industrially none … Socially is more a duty to crystallize people in the countryside and to spread  people out of the major cities.

How would you define your added value to the Made in France market ?

Again “the market of made in France” is a trade aberration and it is a mistake to think so. We must return to the societal role of a company, which is: to create jobs and provide to citizens a working experience. The purpose of made ​​in France is to give back importance to craft in a local perspective.

Can you share with us your future plans?

With the French government we are working for the establishment of geographical indications of manufactured goods. In this field, Europe is lagging behind and especially France.

Create, research, innovate … In the textile sector is also the credo of the manufacture Regain whose collections of sweaters made ​​in France Pic de Nore offer men a bold style with retro jacquards and vintage ideas in a contemporary world .


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