One stitch after another one… Did you know?

Many remember the noise : “clic clic” of knitting needles of our grandmothers, but in the end what do we know about knitting?

The definition in the dictionary is the following: The knitted is a technic used to make a fabric from a yarn. Knitting is constituted of loops called stitches, which interlace each other. Active stitches are held on needles as they can be blocked by the passage of a new stitch there through them.

Stitches can be deformed; this flexibility does the superiority of the stitch in relation to the fabric. But technically this flexibility involves a refined know-how…

The flexibility of the stitch is probably why first knitted items were clothing pieces that require a close adaptation of the fabric with contours of the body that wrap (bottom, hat, underwear …) This aptitude to the deformation explains the considerable development of the application of the stitch field in areas other than clothing such as medical or that of the automotive and aviation industry.

A stitch is constituted of a length of yarn where the disposition can be split in 3 parts: the head (central part), leg (lateral part) and feet (end part).

Anatomie d'une maille Manufacture Regain

From a yarn, the designer can create a material, choose his composition, colors, drawing, transparence, relief, combinations are indefinite and extremely creative.

To knit a jumper, the knitter has to know the size of the yarn. He has to know which gauge he has to use. That means the thick or fineness of the jumper.

There are 3 manufacture process: Either panels (knitting pieces: back, front, sleeves) go out from machine, are cutting, and assembling in the manufacture.Our manufacture is specialized in this technic. Or panels go out in the shape and we just have to assemble it or knit goes out completely knitting without seams.

As you can well imagine… a jumper is not improvised!!

panneaux manufacture Regain

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