Fucking Young shoots our pull


Mens’ fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2013


We’re not telling you anything new when we say that fashion is always starting afresh however each season brings its batch of materials, colours, cuts and looks that must not be missed. So, gentlemen, what will you be wearing in the coming months? Here is what we heard on the fashion planet …
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Percevalties speaks about our manufacture


Even Italy knows Regain …


Our AW13 is in Novembre Magazine


Our first Winter 2013/2014 collection


Two lines have been created from all this work: Work Shock and Work Chic.

The first Work Shock collection, which will be launched next winter, is ready: it offers some revisited designs with a unique personality.

One of its characteristics is the daring partnership of surprising colours. The harmony and balance will appeal to men who like colour…. colours chosen in keeping with the latest trends.

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Hypebeast speaks about us …


 Article paru le 19 Avril 2013 dans HYPEBEAST rédigé par Josh Davis

Article published on HYPEBEAST the 19th of April written by Josh Davis

A sweater, of course ! But how is it made?


Once the sketch is drawn, the technical specifications finished and the colours selected, it’s time for prototyping. The first step is to make a prototype which is an example of what the pullover could look like finished, but is not a final result.

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We don’t want to put aside this DNA, we want to make it the basis of our new adventure. We are pullover manufacturers reputed for our know-how in the world of professional fashion.
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Daily ELLE speaks about us …






Article paru le 14 mai 2013 – article de Laurène Saby pour Daily ELLE