Le Cas Stelda speaks about Pic de Nore

cas stelda pic d enore

Le Cas Stelda, fashion seen from another angle

Several times a week Stelda gives us her vision of fashion. Her blog has a tone, you feel behind each item interest, envy and love of beautiful things, but above all great stories and the human. Read more →

Captendance speaks about Pic de Nore


Captendance, lifetsyle magazine and webzine

For 4 years Captendance, webzine and Toulouse magazine, tells you everything that happens in the world of fashion, beauty, decoration, but also culture. Unique interactive digital magazine in South West of French you will find the trends of Toulouse, its region, but also those on a national scale as in recent months Captendance also put his bags and pens in Paris.

The difference between this and other media lies in the variety of subjects from the essential news to the little secret address through mainstream trends or the details of the latest collections. The tone is as its target, curious and dynamic but Captendance wants to bring to every reader the right information, in this concern for quality the topics are studied in depth and the majority of the articles are written by experts in their fields.

Pic de Nore is happy to see its sweater Pic de Nore, tribute to the mountain that inspired us our brand name, appear in a selection of authentic gift because it is one of the values ​​that we share in addition to ethics and quality!


Pic de Nore advices you The Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit !


Jean Paul Gaultier makes the show

This first exhibition devoted to the French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier has already captivated nearly one and a half million visitors from Montreal, where it has been created in 2011, Dallas, San Francisco, Madrid, Rotterdam, Stockholm, New York, London and as far afield as Melbourne. The tenth leg of the exhibition has been enriched with installations specially designed for Paris. Read more →

Pic de Nore is on ODDA Magazine !



Pic de Nore sweaters are on ODDA

ODDA is a fashion magazine for Men & Women with no difference, in touch with the high fashion industry, the legacy of creative freedom and the luxury fashion market.

Our sweaters are on the last issue named “decades”, it is a retrospective of a century of fashion; recreated through the nostalgic gaze of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections… Our sweater is weared by Baptiste Gabiconi knowned as Karl Lagerfeld’s muse.

Pic de Nore is concern by sustainable development !


On the occasion of the Sustainable Development week and The Environment day, Pic de Nore realized a video highlighting the commitments of our manufactory in this area … For you to judge!

Our sustainability approach recognized by Lucie Label

The Manufacture Regain has always been concerned about its quality approach, for this reason in 2010 we started an active approach to sustainable development.

Since 7 October 2011, the Manudfacture Regain is proud to be the first French textile company to have obtained the label LUCIE, recognizing its commitment to sustainable development in social, economic and environmental fields with the ISO 26000 standard.

In our workshops, not a yarn behind. The end of life sweaters are revalued and provide raw material, which once recycled will be use as new yarn to stitch new sweaters.


Shop our sweaters Pic de Nore in our e-shop


Le Figaro speaks about Pic de Nore and stitch


Le Figaro devotes an article to the knit for men and explains that “knitting seems to eclipse the shirt, it is so pervasive and central to all the current proposals of creators.” Read more →

Mode en France speaks about Pic de Nore


Crédit photo Mode en France

Mode en France introduces our pull Pic de Nore inspired by Tony Viramontes’s work

Audrey in her blog Mode en France speaks of Made in France in fashion, design and life in general  … with it discover another way to consume! Read more →

La Trotteuse et Compagnie | Tour made in France Pic de Nore



Brice Cailleaux, Antoine Sevely and Laure Coromines talk about La Trotteuse et compagnie …

“Producing in France has many advantages”

A watch and bracelets made from a maximum of french components

Pic de Nore meeting the founders of La Trotteuse & Compagnie, watches with leather bracelets interchangeable assemblies in Paris. Read more →

Pic de Nore on United Fashion for Peace


United Fashion for Peace is a new online magazine came to celebrate an ethical world

It is also a French association law 1901 and a caravan of ethical fashion which rotates in the World.

Three ways to convey the values ​​we stand for the World: ethics, sustainable development, dialogue among civilizations, democracy, equality, tolerance and live together better. Read more →

Our pull Pic de Nore is on Hope St


hope st is an inde­pend­ent fash­ion and cul­ture magazine that wishes to tran­scend the con­fines of a tra­di­tional fash­ion publication

hope st will heighten the mind while pleas­ing the eye with rich visual aes­thetic and strong edit­or­ial voice. Read more →