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A small digression in this human adventure during Sustainable Development Week! We are going to take advantage of this to speak to you about the eco-responsible label that we hold dear to our hearts…. and with which have been appointed for several years

Since the 7th of October 2011, Regain is proud to be the first French textile company to obtain the LUCIE label, which makes real its commitment to sustainable development in social, economic and environmental terms in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

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Web review #1


Few weeks ago we annouced you our partnership with Shaun Samson. Today we offer you a web review of what have been said … Read more →

No getting wound up at Regain !


The choice of material is an important element for our collection. Several materials are possible but as Laurent says: “the primary function of a pullover is to keep you warm so what better than wool!” The word wool is used to designate different natural textile fibres derived from animal fleece such as sheep, angora goats or alpaca.
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Can we make what we want ?


When the stylist imagines a design, she also takes into account the technical team’s know-how and the types of knitting machines that are in place. Apart from the cut of the item of clothing, the stylist also suggests stitch patterns, designs or special finishes for collars and cuffs. She chooses the yarns for each item (wool, cashmere…). She then explains all of this to the technical team who then launches test runs. The knitter makes up what is referred to as a panel in order to see the details of the stylist’s creation.

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The machine starts up

Atelier confection regain

Les bobines sont dans les starting block, l’atelier grouille comme une fourmilière, l’excitation est à son comble : aujourd’hui Regain se lance dans un projet des plus palpitants !

Ce jour –là, ce n’est pas un panneau de maille épais au traitement anti-flammes qui sortira de la tricoteuse à Castres … mais une maille finement tricotée avec du cachemire d’exception.

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