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The houses along the river Agout

Crédit photo Laurent Frézouls

Crédit photo Laurent Frézouls


We tell you more about the Houses along the river Agout
Their colourful façades are standing along the river banks, an emblem of the city and a rememberance of its once industrial prosperity. These were the XVIIth-century mansions of the weavers, dyers, tanners and parchement makers, who processed wool, leather and paper. Read more →

Mapplethorpe – Rodin exhibition



Exhibition at the  Musée Rodin from April 8th to September 21st – More informations here ici Read more →

Cartier-Bresson’s exhibition …

Hoyningen Huene, George

Look back on the 20th century through the lens of Henri Cartier-Bresson, and it’s all there: the jazz age of the 1920s, colonial Africa, the Spanish civil war, developing human rights, capitalist expansion, two world wars, Ghandi’s funeral, decolonisation, Mao, the first man in space, America booming, student protests, the collapse of the Soviet bloc – all captured in haunting blizzard of black and white. Read more →

Milan citybreak …


You cannot go to Milan without visiting the Duomo on the main square of the town. It is simply the biggest Catholic’s church after St Peter in Rome and Seville, it is also called « the marble hedgehog » due to the sculpting work on the facade. True jewel of architecture you wouldn’t regret the detour. Read more →

Those exhibitions we wish to visit …

Keith-haring-exhibition-artist-design Read more →