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A small digression in this human adventure during Sustainable Development Week! We are going to take advantage of this to speak to you about the eco-responsible label that we hold dear to our hearts…. and with which have been appointed for several years

Since the 7th of October 2011, Regain is proud to be the first French textile company to obtain the LUCIE label, which makes real its commitment to sustainable development in social, economic and environmental terms in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

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REGAIN, « knitting » in France …


French knitwear manufacturer for over 40 years, Regain is rooted in the traditions and skills of textile manufacture.

Regain’s Fashion collections benefit from our Work DNA and our know-how as makers of professional clothing which has particularly demanding quality standards.

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A sweater, of course ! But how is it made?


Once the sketch is drawn, the technical specifications finished and the colours selected, it’s time for prototyping. The first step is to make a prototype which is an example of what the pullover could look like finished, but is not a final result.

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Daily ELLE speaks about us …






Article paru le 14 mai 2013 – article de Laurène Saby pour Daily ELLE

The language of colours…


Colours are everywhere around us, they breathe life into our state of mind, our emotions. They follow us all our lives, they clothe us. Regain has taken sides with colour. In the same way as Claude Monet or Henri Matisse before us, we want to offer you bright colours to express your feelings…. 
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A fancy for fashion….


Regain didn’t get this idea for a collection of fashion pullovers by chance – it is the fruit of a desire, a savoir faire and an observation made by Laurent.

The company has already worked with the world of fashion in the past. For about ten years it made pullovers for several high-end brands such as Oxbow, Mountain Wave and Pierre Cardin…

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At Regain, quality is our trademark

Qualité Regain

For nearly 40 years pullovers have been our craft! In that time the Regain team has cultivated its passion for reliability, durability, good looks but most importantly the quality of its pullovers. Let’s talk in more concrete terms about quality …

The pullovers that we make for professionals are conceived from technical specifications. These technical references are very specific and we must create pullovers that conform precisely to these requirements.

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The machine starts up

Atelier confection regain

Les bobines sont dans les starting block, l’atelier grouille comme une fourmilière, l’excitation est à son comble : aujourd’hui Regain se lance dans un projet des plus palpitants !

Ce jour –là, ce n’est pas un panneau de maille épais au traitement anti-flammes qui sortira de la tricoteuse à Castres … mais une maille finement tricotée avec du cachemire d’exception.

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